What began in 2006 as a single Father/Son event has become a global movement serving 12+ countries and 10+ locations in the United States. DADCAMP has set a goal to reach 25 countries and 25 domestic locations in the next 10 years and we will go and do almost anything to reach as many fathers as we can.

EVERYTHING changes when a father is strong.

The evidence is clear: disengaged fathers are the SINGLE BIGGEST cause of social and spiritual issues unraveling our world.

You name the problem: divorce, addictions, crime, poverty, teenage pregnancy, behavioral disorders, rape, suicide etc. and there is ONLY ONE common link: disengaged fathers. Over 80% of those incarcerated have an absent or disengaged father. 80+% of young adults abandon their faith when their father has not been the spiritual leader of their home. 80+% of young adults retain their faith when their father has been their spiritual leader. Our vision is to build stronger fathers who build stronger families and DADCAMP is on a mission to see a world where EVERY family has a great dad. Please hear this: DADCAMP is not just a campout – it is a life changing experience designed for fathers and their kids. DADCAMP is all about strengthening dads and reminding them that being a dad is the most important job they have.


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