The Godsend Garage crew is made up of Christian men and women who wish to help those less fortunate by assisting them with auto repairs and sometimes even a more reliable vehicle to help these individuals to provide for themselves or their family.

The crew consists of not only the volunteers that put in hours here at the garage but also some of the local businesses and individuals who donate their time or services at no/little costs to the garage as well as parts/tools to assist with the repairs.
Godsend Garage Assistance Application

(NOTE: We are currently not accepting requests for vehicles as we are working through a large queue of requests. We are accepting requests for work on your own car, but you must have a valid driver's license.)


The volunteers here at the garage repair and rehabilitate vehicles for the under-resourced in our community. This includes: 

- maintenance on vehicles
- rehab donated vehicles to give to those needing a vehicle
- repair vehicles with no labor fees - only charge is for parts.


TUESDAY 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
WEDNESDAY 4:30 PM - 8:30 PM
SATURDAY 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM




Godsend Garage is located next to Cone Palace on the Southeast corner of Center Road and 931
309 S. 00 E.W.
Kokomo, IN 46902


Our main focus here at the garage is to show God's love to those who may be at a point in their life they may need a hand up and help getting themselves back on the road both literally and figuratively. This cannot be accomplished without the generous monetary donations as well as car donations. Listed below are just a few of the gifts we have been able to bestow on others:

- 38 autos repaired & gifted to under-resourced families
- Regular maintenance such as oil changes, fluid checks, & brakes
- Suspension parts replaced, new tires mounted and balanced
- Codes diagnosed and resolved on many newer vehicles


Our ministry began in 2015 when our founder felt a calling to help those who have been less fortunate. This service began as simply checking fluid levels and tire pressure a the Crossroads Church food pantry. In June 2018, Crossroads opened up space in their maintenance garage to allow us to start performing repairs on autos for those in need. 

The garage moved to its present location in April, 2020. Our latest facility was made possible by the generous donations of local businesses and individuals as well as many volunteer hours.



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