May 24 - A congregational vote took place on May 23rd and Pastor Luke Smith was elected by an overwhelming majority of 96% in favor. Join us in giving praise to the Lord for His leading through this process and in the days ahead!


Crossroads has a 174 year history of stability and strength that has been tested and revealed through seasons of adversity and change. This is one of those seasons.

This past October, in the midst of coping with COVID, Crossroads began to face a new challenge and need -- a leadership transition due to the unexpected departure of our lead pastor. Crossroads is an elder led, staff run church. Together, the elders and staff moved to stabilize church ministries for this interim transition period and to develop a process to search for the next lead pastor of Crossroads.



The elders are responsible for the process of hiring a lead pastor.

We have partnered with an outside search firm called Vanderbloemen and they have assigned a consultant to work with us.

The elders have selected a search team who will work directly with the consultant. That team consists of 2 elders and 7 other members of the congregation, including individuals from both campuses.


This is a national search. Current Crossroads staff members and people are welcome to submit their names for consideration.

Our consultant will screen all of the applicants and provide a list of 4-7 finalists for the search team to interview.

The search team will interview the finalists and provide a recommendation to the elder board.


The elder board will receive the search team's recommendation and prayerfully discern whether to forward it on to the congregation for a vote.

Once receiving a positive vote of 75% of the total votes cast by Crossroads members, the new lead pastor will be hired.


Prayer and research regarding the process. Hiring of an outside search partner.

Selection of a search team. Initial conversations with the consultant regarding the church and the position.

Finalizing of the profile for the position, the job posting “goes live” by late January.

Initial applicants are screened by the search partner.

Later applicants are screened by the search partner. A list of finalists is presented to the search team.

Interviews of the finalists by the search team. Recommendation of a candidate is made to the elders.

Recommendation to the congregation by the elders. A vote by the congregation is held. The new lead pastor comes on board.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a younger man whose life would make him qualified to be an elder and pastor at Crossroads. We want someone who has the experience, character, and skills to lead a multi-campus, growing church. We are looking for someone who loves our mission statement, supports our values, and is in agreement with our doctrinal beliefs. We are not looking for someone to take us in a totally different direction, but we do want someone to lead us with fresh ideas for making the changes necessary for our ministries to move forward.

Why did we choose a search partner?

We believe this decision will impact the next couple of decades at Crossroads. For that reason, we felt we needed experience and wisdom beyond ourselves to help with the search. We had worked successfully with Vanderbloemen in the past and did not hesitate to call on them again.

Will the church have a say in this decision?

Absolutely. Early in the process, our consultant has sought input from 100+ Crossroads leaders, staff, and volunteers. Our search team is made up of a cross section of Crossroads people. Everyone in our church is being challenged to pray for this decision and will be given the opportunity to vote on the final recommendation.


How does someone apply?

Vanderbloemen will receive all applications at this link.


Please continue to help us pursue together our mission to meet people where they are and help them take next steps with Christ through your prayers, your serving, and your giving.

Additionally, pray for the search team, the elders, and the staff as we together attempt to discern who God wants to lead Crossroads from this point forward.