Randi Weeks

Elementary Worship, Action PACT, & Creative Arts,

, Published: July 06, 2016

What I do at Crossroads

I encourage people to use their gifts in the area of production, whether leading one of our Action PACT family services or assisting with dramatic elements in the main service. I love the camaraderie that develops from focusing on a common goal; I also get a thrill out of seeing young people take initiative and problem-solve while discovering their gifts. Weekly, I have the opportunity to lead the elementary students in worship. I also coordinate our D6 base – the Home Center – where we strive to help each home, individual, couple, or child grow in their relationship with Christ and one another.

When I Joined the Team

I was privileged to answer God’s call in July of 2008 and join this amazing team.


I attended DePauw University, where I received my Bachelor of Arts degree; I majored in Communication with an emphasis in Speech, Theatre, and Mass Media. I received a minor in Secondary Education and English. I have taught Theatre for over 20 years, which is crazy, since I am just 29! ;)


My greatest earthly blessing-
Tim and I have been happily married since July of 1998. We have the honor of raising four children – Maci, Kaylee, TJ, and Sadie.

Random facts

Turn anything into a competition and I am there! I love to dig deep and find out what we are made of; competition reveals character. Whether nine-square, a board game, knock-out, Madden Football, or a race to see who can clean a room the fastest, count me in. My favorite food is anything Mexican – there are so many options and combinations! I could eat it every day…just ask my poor family. :-) I enjoy history and the impact that great leaders had on the here and now, so I like vacations where I can learn something…or Disney works too, I have been there nine times and can’t wait for Sweet Sadie to enjoy her first experience.


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