Action PACT

Published: April 06, 2016

Elementary-age kids are in a constant state of discovery. Every day is full of learning and exposure to new things. They are learning how to communicate in different situations, how to make and keep friends, and how to balance school, church, extra-curricular activities, and family. How can we tap into the way kids are naturally wired, so they can begin to experience for themselves who God is, how He sees them, and how much He loves them? How can we help the home focus on the spiritual development of the child?

That is what ActionPACT is all about!

What is Action PACT?

The service is for 1st-5th graders and their parents, grandparents, or other influential adult.

Action PACT which stands for: Parents And Children Together.

This high energy, interactive worship service is designed for elementary age children and their parents to experience faith together. Join us every 4th Sunday of the month in our Student Auditorium for this creative experience; you won‟t be disappointed!

The Facts

Faith is intentionally passed down.

  1. Action PACT (AP) is one of our D6 initiatives where faith is intentionally passed down to younger generations.
  2. Action PACT is a family worship service where kids bring their parents to church. The service is designed to draw families together through music, drama, and stories based on God’s Word.
  3. PACT stands for Parents and Children Together… We want families taking action to spiritually grow as a family.
  4. Crossroads believes that when families experience church together, parents can be more purposeful in the dialogue at home with their children.
  5. Action PACT is offered in the Student Auditorium on the 4th Sunday of the month during both hours. AP does not occur in July or November.
  6. During Action PACT the children’s pastoral team focuses on helping families with the Big 3 – Praying Daily Together, Having a Faith Talk Weekly Together, and Serving Monthly Together.
  7. Action PACT strives to involve families in the creation and expression of our AP services. Families can serve together as greeters, stagehands, actors, vocalists, dancers, and tech crew members.
  8. Contact Randi Weeks here to learn more about how you and your family can get in on the action!

The Format

The first part of the service will be modeled after KidStuf from the 252 Basics curriculum.

The service will kick off with music and dance from our Action PACT Hype Team, and Praise Crew.

The audience is then greeted by the hosts of the event who overviews the virtue of that month, which kids will have been exposed to during the other Kids Town services that month.

A cast of on-going characters then reinforces that virtue through drama in a way that both parents and children will enjoy.

There is also a time where a Biblical example of the virtue is given. Next, time is spent helping the family see how to put The Big 3 (praying, talking about faith, and serving) into practice during the "Take 5" segment. The goal is to help parents develop their children into Spiritual Champions.

The event wraps up with another song and dance from the Praise Crew and the hope that church can be a fun place for families to grow together spiritually.

Meet the Characters


The ultimate gizmo-gadget guy - He is always on the cutting edge of technology and is a lifetime subscriber to Popular Science. He has multiple computers and a "command central" set up in his room. His love for the simple logic of zeros and ones often frustrates him when it comes to irrational people.

He gets annoyed easily which contributes to his already socially awkward nature. Gordo always assumes he is the smartest person in the room.


The nonconformist - She defines her own style. No one is quite sure what the rules for this style are. She is definitely on her own path. Some may even call her "strange." Her thought process is always out-of-the-box. She's considered an outsider in school. She tends to be absent-minded. She's all heart and all-caring about the next cause that captures here attention. Her short attention span keeps her from remembering her moments of social awkwardness.


Adventurous, daredevil, extreme-sports guy. He's mechanically inclined enough to keep his toys running in top condition. He's ready to try anything. Although he has great difficulty with schoolwork, his teachers all find it impossible not to like him. He's driven and popular. His adrenaline junkie habits fascinate his friends without alienating them. In fact, he is more often the motivator to call others to action. Skateboarding, base-jumping, rock climbing, rugby, hockey, eco-challenge, rappelling, motocross...are all activities he would participate in.


Former class president who is always up on the latest, coolest fashion - She’s dramatic, boy is she dramatic! But she is extremely likable. She’s athletic, but also involved in a wide range of activities. She knows a lot of people, but has few close friends. If you need to get something done, Cammie is the one you look for. She is a little spoiled and feels compelled to be the “good” girl. Cammie is the ultimate overachiever. She will never settle for “good enough.”


Gordo's mother. Grandpa Henry's daughter - She has become the neighborhood mom. She understands the kid's world in a way that keeps her up to date on the latest fads and trends. When a kid needs a sympathetic ear, it's often Mrs. F that is sought out.


Gerta Lee, Granny, Lizzie, Steph, Priscilla, Bri, Ali, Lucy, Margie, GrandDad, and Kenny.

Contact Randi Weeks at 765.453.4626 for more information.




  • Saturday Evening @ 5:00 PM
  • Sunday Morning @ 9:00 AM
  • Sunday Morning @ 11:00 AM


  • Find us on the corner of 26 & 931